learn to build acoustics with style

At the Boatyard Guitar Workshop we are passionate about building unique acoustic guitars that sound
great and play great.

Our acoustic guitar sessions will start with the selection of the wood. You can source your own  or  we can take you through the process of choosing the best wood for you with the help of our specialist wood supplier.

We will teach you how to build a mould for your  guitar, how to joint soundboards and backs and how to
bend the sides. We will take you through internal bracing, assembling and fretting the neck and how to incorporate inlays. Finally we will show you how to apply a finish and set up the guitar so that it fits
your playing style and plays great.

We can source a wide range of woods including the more traditional mahogany and rosewoods but we
specialise in using sustainable woods which are indigenous to the UK. Ask us about walnut, london plane, apple and yew which, amongst others, can create beautiful and toneful instruments without endangering the environment.