learn to build your own guitar

Guitar making is a traditional craft involving great patience and precision, but it can be learnt. Whether you'd just like to assemble your own guitar from parts, create an ornate steel-strung acoustic or something in between,  a one-to-one course can be arranged to suit. Learn how to choose the best timber for the best tone, how to bend and carve wood, how to inlay or how to wire electrics.

Our one-to-one sessions take you through the whole process. Most of our students come to us with no previous instrument making experience or woodworking experience of any kind.
Sessions cost £60 for 3 hours and can be scheduled during the daytime or evening to suit you. How many sessions you will need will depend on what you want to make. Or, on how many you want to make... students often want to carry on once they've caught the bug!

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